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Yogafont  contains 98 graphic images of common yoga postures (asanas). By putting these in a font, they can be reproduced accurately over a wide range of sizes to suit different applications. Suitable for Windows PCs and Macs. This font is freeware

You can produce your asana of the week at point size 720, or you can produce a 2 hour long sequence on a single sheet. Anyone who has struggled with the Sanskrit names, stick figure representation,  or who does not want to wear spectacles when following a yoga lesson, this is for you. The Keyboard button above shows what is available. See the Salute to the Sun demonstration in Yoga Lessons.

Important    You cannot learn about yoga from this font. Go to a teacher or read a book, if you want to learn how to do these postures. These symbols are designed to be an aide-memoire only. 

Dedication    I produced it give something back to the Yoga community, from which I have gained so much.  

Copyright    This font is freeware. Anyone can use it, copy it or distribute it, just do not sell it.  All I ask is  that you copy all the files with the font, which give instructions and my  contact address for improvements. 


Bill Grainger

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